B.A./M.A. 4+1 Program

At this time, the department is not accepting applications to its B.A./M.A. 4 + 1 program.



4 + 1 B.A./M.A. Program in Film and Media Studies

The 4 + 1 B.A./M.A. Program in Film and Media Studies provides graduate-level education in media literacy by training our students in the history of, and critical approaches to, film and media, as well as in the uses of digital media as tools for research and communication.   Students admitted to the Program undertake limited graduate work in their senior year at Emory and then enroll in Laney Graduate School for a fifth year of graduate studies.  The 4 + 1 B.A./M.A. Program aims to serve students seeking additional preparation before applying to film and media-related Ph.D. programs, as well as those pursuing other film and media career tracks in film/festival curation, film archives, production, or teaching in secondary schools and community colleges, for which an M.A. degree in Film and Media is helpful.  Students work closely with faculty members and students in our standard M.A. program.

Course of Study

B.A./M.A. students begin to complete the program requirements during their senior year in Emory College.   In the fall of their senior year, students enroll in FILM 500, Introduction to Graduate Film Studies, to learn about critical approaches associated with graduate-level work in film. Also in the fall, students take Graduate Colloquium (FILM 598R) for one credit, and one additional graduate-level course at two credits. Taking the class for two credits means that students are responsible for reading and participation, but are not required to write a major research paper.  In the spring of their senior year, students take two additional graduate seminars, one at four credits and one at two credits, as well as the Graduate Colloquium. While enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences, students earn credit towards the M.A. portion of the degree, but will not be required to pay any tuition or fees to the Laney Graduate School.

In the fall of their second year in the B.A./M.A. program, students enroll in the Laney Graduate School and take two to three graduate seminars per semester, including Film 506, Methods in Film and Media Studies, which combines a thesis-writing workshop with more in-depth study of critical methods. At the same time, students complete a Masters thesis in close conjunction with a faculty mentor.  Students also enroll in FILM 598 Graduate Colloquium for one credit each semester.  The precise number of credit hours for thesis coursework is flexible, depending on the scope of the research involved. The minimum number of graduate credits required for the entire program is 32.

Applying to the Program

The B.A./M.A. 4+1 Program is open to Emory students only.  Applications are accepted in the spring of the student's junior year at Emory.  Eligible students must have taken five courses in Film and Media Studies with grades of B or better.  These courses must include an introductory course (FILM 190, 270, or 204), a history course (FILM 356, 371, or 372), and a theory course (FILM 381 or 382).  A complete application can be submitted to Blackboard and consists of an application form, a statement of purpose, a CV/resume, and a transcript (unofficial is fine).  In addition, the applicant must arrange for 2-3 letters of recommendation from Emory faculty members to be sent via email.  More details about the eligibility requirements and application procedures are available on the application form.

Application Process

The deadline for applications for the 2016-2017 academic year is April 27, 2016. Applicants must submit a complete application to Gary Fessenden at gfessen@emory.edu.
A complete application consists of A) the application form, B) required documents compiled into one PDF, and C) at least two letters of recommendation sent separately via email to Gary Fessenden at gfessen@emory.edu. The required documents include a statement of purpose, CV/resume, and transcript (unofficial is okay). 
Please see the application form for more details. Contact Director of Graduate Studies Matthew Bernstein with any questions (mbernst@emory.edu).