Student Travel Fund

Department of Film and Media 
Student Travel Support Fund
Application Guidelines

The Department of Film and Media has limited funds available to support students’ travel to attend a conference or film festival at which they will be presenting their work, or to visit an archive or center to conduct scholarly research. 

To apply for funding, you must be a film and media major or minor, in the film and media management concentration, or enrolled in a film or media studies course in the semester of (or the semester prior to) your application.

The Department will also consider requests from Film and Media Management Concentration students with demonstrated financial need who seek assistance with the cost of attending the LA Trek.

No single funding request can exceed $750 and the amount approved (if any) is at the discretion of the Department’s Executive Committee.

What travel costs the department will cover:

Registration fees, airline tickets, hotel stays, and ground transportation.

What travel costs we will not cover:

Food, beverages, checked baggage fees, rental car insurance or incidentals.

Please note: If requesting airline ticket reimbursement, please check to see if Southwest airlines travel to your destination. Thanks to a generous donor, we have 3 vouchers for RT travel available for student research trips. Please include this in your budget breakdown (see below).

To apply for funding, please submit the following materials to Clare Sterling at , as soon as you know you will need funding support:

  1. A signed application form
  2. An itemized budget of expenses for which you would like funding support, not to exceed $750. Please keep in mind:
    1. You can get online cost estimates in advance but please do not purchase plane tickets on your own. If you receive approval for travel, you need to see Gary Fessenden to move forward with ticket purchasing. Any tickets purchased without going through Gary will not be reimbursed.
    2. If Southwest Airlines flies to your destination, please indicate this on your application.
    3. Funds will not be given upfront but will be distributed by reimbursement. All expenses must have an itemized receipt submitted to Gary Fessenden after the purchases have been made/travel has been completed.
    4. You must decline insurance on rental cars to be eligible for reimbursement.
  3. A copy of the acceptance/invitation letter for the event you are attending that clearly states your name and the name of the project you will be presenting.
  4. A 2-3 page personal statement that discusses your project and/or research you will be conducting and the importance of this travel to your educational experience at Emory.
  5. Only for those applying for LA Trek support: A copy of your financial aid award letter (can be found on OPUS).