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Film and Media Major

The Film and Media major offers a robust core curriculum in history, theory and practice, while also allowing students the flexibility to choose classes suited to their specific areas of interest.

Required Courses:

  1. FILM 101: Introduction to Film
  2. FILM 102: Introduction to TV & Digital Media
  3. Two Courses in Film and Media History. Students can choose from the following options:
    • FILM 201: Film History I
    • FILM 202: Film History II
    • FILM 203: American Television History
    • FILM 204: Documentary Film and Media History
    • FILM 205: History of Photography
  4. One Course in Film and Media Theory. Students can choose one of the following options:
    • FILM 301: Film Theory
    • FILM 302: Digital Media Theory
  5. One Course in Media Making. Students can choose from the following options:
    • FILM 106: Photography I
    • FILM 107: Introduction to Digital Video
    • ENG 201W: Multimedia Journalism
    • FILM 212: Film Producing
    • FILM 255: Film, Media and Social Change
    • FILM 278W: Writing the Short Film
    • FILM 378RW: Screenwriting
    • FILM 389/POLS 271: Guerilla Political Photography
    • ENGCW 380W: When taught as: Writing Games & Interactive Media
    • ARTHIST 393R: When taught as: Introduction to 3D Visualization
  6. Five Electives. Of these five classes, students can choose:
    • One "Multicultural Perspectives (MCP)" class that focuses on non-US media OR race, gender and ethnicity in media**
    • One course offered at the 400-level
    • 3 additional electives

**The 400-level and Multicultural Perspectives requirements cannot be fulfilled by the same class.