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Integrated Visual Arts

The Integrated Visual Arts Co-major (IVAC) allows undergraduate students an opportunity to explore visual media and art making.

Classes in art history, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, theatrical design, filmmaking, conceptual art practices, digital media and new media, as well as other academic areas make up the IVAC course offerings.

Co-major Requirements

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  • Students who are majoring in one of the participating departments whose classes are part of the Integrated Visual Arts core of classes may use a maximum of two classes for both their primary major and their Integrated Visual Arts Co-major.
  • All courses taken for IVAC must be letter graded and may be taken in fulfillment of the distribution requirement HAP (Humanities, Arts and Performance).
  • Summer courses and study abroad will be accepted. AP credit will not be accepted.
  • While most courses listed in the IVAC are open to all students, some are available only for students enrolled in the co-major or by special permission.
  • Entry-level classes in the Integrated Arts Co-major are offered every year.
  • Student enrollment preference in Visual Arts classes is given to Integrated Visual Arts Co-majors.

Course Requirements

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Students must complete a total of nine courses from the list of pre-approved classes.

Five Visual Arts courses:

  • one course may be a semester of the Foundations in Art Practices ARTVIS 111/112. Please note that enrollment preference will be given to Art History majors and minors,
  • one or more courses must be a 200 level-course.

Two Art History classes or one Art History and a crosslisted Archaeology class

  • one of these two must focus on the modern period - Art History 102 fulfills this requirement and is highly recommended

One upper level topical course in an area related to the student's focus

  • each department will determine what coursework is relevant in their area
  • course must be 300 level or above and can be satisfied with a directed study

ART VIS 490 Senior Seminar 

  • IVAC capstone course taken in the spring of senior year

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Approved Visual Arts Courses

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Upper Level Topical Courses

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African American 300 Level Courses

Art History 300 Level Courses

  • ARTHIST 319R: Spec Stud:Ancient Egyptian Art
  • ARTHIST 329: Topics Art Of Class Antiquity
  • ARTHIST 329W: Topics Art Of Class Antiquity
  • ARTHIST 335: Spec Stud:Ancient Amer Art His
  • ARTHIST 339R: Spec Stud:Medieval Art Hist
  • ARTHIST 340: Gothic Art And Architecture
  • ARTHIST 345: The Formation Of Islamic Art
  • ARTHIST 349: Spec Stud:Renaissance Art Hist
  • ARTHIST 349W: Spec Stud:Renaissance Art Hist
  • ARTHIST 355: Afric Art/Architec After 1500
  • ARTHIST 359: Spec Stud:17th/18th Cent Art
  • ARTHIST 363: Lit & Visual Culture in Japan
  • ARTHIST 363W: Lit & Visual Culture in Japan
  • ARTHIST 365: Postcolonial African Art
  • ARTHIST 367: 20th C African American Art
  • ARTHIST 369: Spec Stud:19th/20th Cent Art
  • ARTHIST 369W: Spec Stud:19th/20th Cent Art
  • ARTHIST 373: The Russian Avantgarde
  • ARTHIST 379R: Spec Studies American Art
  • ARTHIST 389R: Spec Studi African Art Arch
  • ARTHIST 393R: Special Studies History of Art
  • ARTHIST 397R: Internship In History Of Art
  • ARTHIST 398R: Supervised Reading & Research

Dance 300 Level Courses

Film & Media 300 Level Courses

Middle Eastern and South Asian 300 Level Courses

Theater 300 Level Courses